MonthNotes — April 2022

Amy Streator Wilson
3 min readMay 1, 2022

My experimentation with formats continues apace with this idea shamelessly stolen from Simon Wakeman. While I’d be very surprised if anyone is interested in my April musings, I’m up for trying anything at this stage in the writing journey.

An excellent day out to Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire | My own image

What’s been good about April?

April was awesome, in no small part because I nailed the triumvirate of getting enough exercise, enough socialising and enough brain food to fuel the soul.

Reasons for awesomeness #1: Exercise

Nights are lighter so exercising is more bearable — even pleasant — outdoors. Wales changed dramatically over the month, from harbouring snow on the Brecon Beacon peaks to burning my ear tips pink in Pembrokeshire.

Muddy trail shoes and virtuous beer | My own image

I took on my first trail run of the year this weekend, plunged into an icy outdoor lake and had a good blast of cycling on a 40-mile cross country circular.

Reasons for awesomeness #2: Socialising

What a busy month! Power ballads, Indigo social, two trips to see Bristol Bears play, women in business networking, dinner with the girls, lunch with the family, a boat trip with the Price’s… and having the in-laws come to stay for a fortnight.

River boat antics | My own image

To be honest, it’s been a bit too hectic, so I’m looking forward to a quieter week with my partner in New York and the house to myself.

Reasons for awesomeness #3: Brain food

The best thing about April has been starting this writing hobby on Medium. I’m in the honeymoon period of exploring everything at the moment, so it’s all shiny, new, interesting and not at all scary. I’m trialling just about every format I encounter, including #MonthNotes. Experimentation is key: I’m exploring which tags, which headlines and which formats appeal to people. Once I have more of an idea about what I can write about that people will find interesting, I can refine and focus. For now, though, I’m happy to be a magpie of…



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